Request for a lecture, workshop or training course

If you wish to improve the level of knowledge of your sales staff, veterinary assistants or you have a personal or professional interest in the background of animal nutrition, then look no further!

I can be hired for workshops and lectures about a varied range of subjects. It is also possible to put together a specifically tailored training on a subject of your choice.

Interested in the possibilities? Feel free to contact me!

I offer individual lectures and seminars for:


Veterinary nurses

Pet food companies

Pet owners

Pet shops

Dog schools



Examples of the lectures/workshops/training topics:

  • General basics of nutrients, digestion and physiology
  • Practical feeding of growing, older dogs and cats
  • Assessment of pet food, what can and cannot be read from a label?
  • Facts and myths about pet food
  • Comparison of feeding methods (dry, wet, raw food)
  • Nutrition and behavior (dog/cat)

I would be pleased to hold a lecture or seminar on nutrition of dogs and cats according to your individual wishes and interests.

Please fill in the following form to inform me in advance of some details of the planned event. I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further matters. I look forward to your inquiry!